4 Sizes Transparent Black Silicone Anal Massage Plugs


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Satisfy every fantasy that your partner has and make every intimate moment flare up with this 4 Sizes Transparent Black Silicone Anal Massage Plugs. Every size has a unique anatomical shape to make sure that you're reaching the most sensitive parts in the anal/vaginal cavity leading to better stimulation and more satisfying orgasms. But this massage plug isn't just for couples who want to add fun to their loving moments, it's also great for those who want to do it alone! Awaken your fantasies by getting into the most sensitive points within and achieve more pleasurable orgasms every time!

  • Product Dimensions (Length x Diameter):
    Small Plug: 8.6 cm x 3.4 cm (3.38 inches x 1.33 inches)
    Medium Plug: 10.2 cm x 3.5 cm (4.01 inches x 1.37 inches)
    Large Plug: 11.8 cm x 4 cm (4.64 inches x 1.57 inches)
    Extra Large Plug: 9 cm x 4.9 cm (3.54 inches x 1.92 inches)
  • Made of high-quality food grade transparent black silicone that's shaped anatomically to help stimulate sensitive points and bring more satisfying orgasms
  • Easy-to-clean and perfectly shaped for optimum excitement and pleasure
  • Formed and created to serve the needs of every gender (men, women, gays, etc.)

With its different size and shapes of plugs that are all made of flexible transparent black silicone, you're sure to make your partner feel deeply loved every single time! WE'RE NOW GIVING IT AWAY WITH A BIG PRICE CUT SO HURRY AND CHOOSE YOUR MOST PREFERRED DESIGN BEFORE OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE IS OVER!

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