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Anal Douching 101: How to Safely Clean Your Rectum

You may have heard of ‘vaginal’ douching before, without realizing that it can be performed anally as well. Anal douching is the act of cleaning your anal cavity with water. The public’s opinions on douching are divided – people are either for it or strictly against it. However, you’ll never know if you’ll find it useful unless you try it, right? This article should help you learn how to anal douche, as well as provide you with some important notes.

Types of Anal Douches

Types of Anal Douches1

Your next question may be: ‘Well, how do I do that?’
Some experienced individuals can use a simple water bottle to perform the douching, but the most common way to douche is using a device specifically made for it.

Most popular types of anal douche devices are the bulb douche, the shower douche, and the water bag douche.

Bulb Douche

bulb doucheBulb douches are the most commonly used ones because they are the least expensive and easiest to use. If you are a beginner and still learning how to anal douche, this is the douche for you. However, the majority of experienced ‘douchers’ prefer the bulb douche, too.

The bulb douche has two main parts – the bulb that holds the water and the nozzle that goes inside your rectum and sprays the water.

Shower Douche

shower doucheYou should use this type of douche only if you have plenty of previous experience with douching.

The shower douche is usually sold as a kit. The main difference between the bulb douche and the shower douche is that the shower douche connects to your shower. It should make the job much much easier, allowing you to douche while you’re taking a shower.

However, the shower douche can be dangerous if it’s not working right. If you really want to get yourself a shower douche, look for a more advanced model that allows you to adjust the water pressure.

Water Bag Douche

water bagThe water bag douche is by far the most complicated one to use. Although it does enable much deeper cleansing, it also requires much more work.
It resembles an enema more than it does a douching device.

The douche bag is connected to the shower with a hose. You’ll need to hang it up, like an IV. The gravity then pulls the water through the hose and enables you to have much more pressure control.

But, again, only experienced individuals should use these advanced models.

How to Anal Douche

How to Anal Douche

Now that you’ve acquired all the equipment you need and prepared yourself mentally, it’s time to learn how to anal douche.

First of all, you should do this in the bathroom, near a toilet.

Secondly, thoroughly wash the anal douche and lubricate its nozzle. Use a silicone lubricant rather than a water-based one. Trust me, you don’t want it to dissolve in the water.
Apply some lube to the anal area as well, to ensure a smooth insertion.

Submerge the douche in the water and press it to suck the water in. The water should be lukewarm or room temperature. Extreme temperatures can be very unpleasant inside the rectum.

Insert the nozzle of the douche about 5 cm inside your rectum and slowly squeeze the bulb to release the water. Do not let go of the douche before you pull it out, because you’ll encounter an unpleasant surprise if you do.

Quickly sit down on the toilet and let your body do what it needs to, which is release all the water along with the nasty fecal leftovers.

Repeat the douching process two or three more times to make sure you’re fully clean. You’ll know you’re clean when the water starts coming out totally clear.

Some Important Things to Remember

1. Don’t use too much water. It’s best to repeat the process a couple of times using smaller amounts of water.

2. Don’t use soap, shower gel or anything of that kind. It can cause irritation inside your rectum. If you really need to, use a very gentle soap for intimate care.

3. Don’t be shy with the lube. Put lots of it on both your anus and the nozzle of the douche. Besides that, reapply the lube with each go.

So, that was our beginner’s guide on how to anal douche. Hopefully, you’ve found it to be helpful.

Just remember – take it slowly, be careful, and you should be fine. Best of luck to you!

Some Important Things to Remember

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