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Anal Sex Toy Cleaning Guide: How to Remove Plug Odors

Anal Sex Toy Cleaning Guide - How to Remove Odors

If you haven’t tried sex toys, it’s high time that you did. If, however, you are a toy expert, then you know why sex toys are the real deal. They are a perfect addition to any bedroom, and they can bring back the old spark to any relationship. What’s more, they take pleasure to a whole new level.

Although most people start with some basic models, they keep upgrading to advanced ones. Once you start feeling comfortable, you want to try various sex toy models. And, those who have dared to try anal sex toys know that there’s no feeling similar to the one you get from using them.

However, before you start using anal toys, you should learn some ground rules. The most oftenly asked question regarding these toys is:”How should I clean anal sex toys?”

Ground Rules

ground rulesWhen it comes to anal sex toys and first-time users, there are numerous concerns and questions. People don’t know how to prepare their bodies for these toys – a.k.a how to be clean and relaxed.

Anal play should never be painful – that’s something you should remember. If you are relaxed and properly lubricated, anal play should be enjoyable.

Also, you have to come to the terms with the fact that anal play can sometimes be a bit messy – and that’s OK.

Getting Ready

Getting ReadyHow to clean anal sex toys? Well, first of all, in order to avoid getting them too dirty, you should clean yourself before you use them. It’s best that you feel “empty” – that means that you had gone to the restroom a few hours before.
When you have emptied your bowels, you should take a shower and clean your booty. If you don’t have a problem with it, put your finger inside your anus and move it around a bit – that will clean it well. If the idea grosses you out, you can use a small toy instead.

Next, you can use a slightly bigger toy. Apply a lot of water-based lube on your toy and yourself. By inserting the toy, you will further clean your anus – and have fun in the process! If you worry about getting your toy dirty while cleaning your anus, you can put a condom on it.

And, that’s it! You can relax – you are now clean and ready to start having more fun in the bedroom.

If you still don’t feel clean enough, you can use a douche. It will flush you out and make you squeaky clean. Still, since a douche will flush away the protective lining of your anus, you should do it at least two hours in advance.

How to Clean Anal Sex Toys

How to Clean Anal Sex Toys

When you finish playing with your favorite anal sex toys, it’s time to clean them up. It’s essential for both your health and pleasure that your toys are always clean.

It doesn’t matter how clean your anus is, there will always be some residual bacteria on your anal sex toys after use. So, you have to disinfect them properly.

    • Porous anal sex toys
      Always check the box and see what material your toy is made of. If your anal toys are made of elastomer, plastic, Cyberskin, rubber, jelly, or neoprene, they are porous.

When it comes to porous toys, clean them right after use and you will only need some mild soap and lukewarm water. If you are not cleaning your toys right away, the bacteria can get into the material, making your toy unsafe for use.

Also, you shouldn’t clean your porous toys with abrasive cleaners – such cleaners can damage them, allowing the bacteria to come inside more easily.

  • Non-porous anal sex toys
    If your toys are made of glass, steel, or silicone, they are non-porous.

You can clean heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel and glass in boiling water. Simply let them boil for around 10 minutes and then let them cool.

When it comes to toys made of silicone, you should stick to mild soap and lukewarm water, just like for the porous ones.

  • Anal toys with tails
    If your anal toy has a tail attached to it, check if the fur is real or faux.

You shouldn’t submerge real fur into the water, as it may cause the tail to break. It’s best to take a cool damp cloth, soak it in a mild soap, and gently dab. To dry the tail, use a hair dryer on a low setting.

If the fur on your anal toy is faux, you can submerge it into soapy water.

Also, both genuine and faux fur should be brushed once dry.

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