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Guess what? Today we’re going to be talking all about anal beads. We’re not just going to skim the surface of this topic either, we’re going in deep. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, and let’s start exploring…

These are one of the most popular types of sex toys that you’ll come across as you browse, and they’ve been growing in popularity along with a lot of different types of anal toys that we’ve featured on this site.

Every day, more people are waking up to the incredible and forbidden pleasures that are waiting right there to be discovered. Butt plugs are a popular entry point for people, but they usually cannot reach those magical places that require the extra length and texture offered by a good set of anal beads.

We want to introduce you to this magical toy by going over what it is, different types you can check out, what to keep in mind when choosing which ones to buy, how to use them safely and effectively, how to keep them clean, and more. Let’s get right to it!

What are anal beads and what are they for?

Anal beads are a in the same ballpark as buttplugs, maybe you could think of them as cousins in a sense. They can also be used to help train your body to adapt to anal sex, the same way that a set of different sized buttplugs can be used.

The anal beads are usually a series of balls that increase in size the further down you get. They’re either attached to each other with string, or with a smaller piece of the same material that they’re made out of, often silicon but you can also find them in glass, steel, and so on.

Unlike a buttplug that more or less stays in place, the big distinction with beads is the action of inserting them into the anus and removing them, and the increasing levels of pressure, pleasure, and relief that they offer as they’re used. Since they can reach deeper, they can reach the male g-spot as well as hitting the female g-spot from the other side of the vaginal wall.

This is a toy that can be enjoyed by men, women, and everyone else. It offers a very unique sensation, and it’s also beginner friendly since the beads usually start off small, so when you’re first starting to stretch and get used to it, you can start with just two or three of the beads. As you become more experienced you can begin to go deeper and deeper.

What do anal beads feel like to use?

Anal beads are generally used a lot more slowly and meticulously than other types of dildos or things one may penetrate themselves with. With beads, it’s more about the suspense and the anticipation rather than an intense rigorous session. Having said that, of course, that’s not always the case and people will find their own ways to enjoy the beads, do what feels best for you!

The nerves in your rectum will sing in delight with the immense pleasure that anal beads provide. It’s unlike anything else. Often people will slowly insert them during intercourse or masturbation, and will push them deeper as they get closer to climax until finally reaching that out and pulling them out during their orgasm.

There are also some that have built-in vibrators for an added sensation. How each set feels will depend on their design, size, style, and of course your own body and levels of sensitivity, and how you use them.

There’s a whole world to explore, so take some time to shop around our site and see which set suits you the best. From very affordable ones, to higher-end, large and small, there’s something for everyone and it’s all 100% guaranteed to make you feel new sensations that will drive you crazy.

We ship discreetly, so your secrets are safe with us and you won’t have to worry about any nosy neighbors or house mates finding out about what happens behind closed doors.

It’s generally a good idea to opt for a non-porous material, it just means it’s easier to keep it clean and it should last you longer, the big thing is the cleaning though.

Different Types of Anal Beads You Can Buy

Let’s talk about some of the different styles that are available now. We’ve already mentioned the general design, and the fact that some of them have built-in vibrators in various styles.

The first thing to consider is the size of the balls. They generally will start small and get larger, but some start smaller than others meaning they’re catering to more experienced anal adventurers.

From small and simple, to big and intricate, there’s a whole lot of options to explore.

There are some that offer dual penetration, some that bend easily and are softer feeling, others that are stiff and harder, some that have different types of hooks or handles at the end, some that are more tapered than others, various textures and designs.


Let’s talk about some of the more common questions we get asked about these toys, including some basic maintenance stuff, and more.

How can I ensure I’m using anal beads safety?

Safety comes down to the physical use of them, and also keeping them clean, and preparing yourself. We’ll go over how to keep them clean in a few minutes, so now let’s start with how to use them.

Start by applying lubricant to each ball and in between each ball, and also to your anus.

Begin by slowly inserting the first ball. Take a deep breath, and just relax, if you’re really tense it just makes things harder (and not in a good way.)

Go as deep as feels comfortable and start slowly at first. Get a feel for what to expect, how it feels like, and just get comfortable with them before you start to actively pull them in and out with any kind of haste.

You never want to just rip them out, that could be very dangerous, so when you’re ready to pull them out just tug gently and also push out at the same time, kind of like when you’re taking a poop. You want to combine the pushing and pulling at the same time, and remember to go slowly.

Use lots of lubricant as well, and don’t forget to lube all the way up as far as you’ll be putting the toy into yourself. Some people recommend using numbing agents to help, but instead you should listen to your body.

If it hurts enough that you’d need to use numbing cream, you should just start with smaller beads and work your way up as your body gets more used to it. Using a numbing cream to mask the pain could cause you to hurt yourself by not listening to what your body is telling you.

If you’re planning on going all the way to the end, find a set of beads with something on the end to prevent them from entering your body entirely, because they can get stuck and that’s a trip to the ER that you probably don’t want to take. None the less, if worse comes to worse and you do ever get a toy stuck inside of yourself, go to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic as soon as possible. Don’t wait extra time hoping it will sort itself out because that can increase the risk of infections and other damage. Don’t be embarrassed about it, you can’t even imagine the types of things they see in the ER every single day, your case won’t even stick out in the nurses’ memory at the end of her shift.

How do I clean my anal beads?

As soon as you’re done playing with them, you’ll want to immediately wash off the beads using hot soapy water. If it’s made from a non-porous material, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them. Make sure you dry them well, and make absolutely sure that you’re getting into every nook and cranny while cleaning, because this can be a little trickier with some of the more complex designs out there.

Non-porous toys, not just these beads but most sex toys in general, can be boiled as long as the material can handle the heat. You can get them basically completely sterile and clean, but with porous toys you may want to consider using condoms over them or just taking extra care to clean them well and to dispose of them if they start to wear out, or if they’re holding a smell for example, as that’s a sign that they’re still dirty. For porous toys, make sure you clean them as well as you can with lots of soapy water, and make sure you’re rinsing them off very well, drying them, and keeping them somewhere clean like inside of a Ziploc bag once they’re totally dried.

Can I share my anal beads with a friend?

We will flat out not recommend sharing ones that are porous due to the nature of the bacteria in the bowels and the risks associated with having that remain on the toy.

With non-porous toys that you can sterilize, that’s the only time you probably want to consider sharing it, and even still, treat it the same way you would with intercourse in terms of using protection and such. Sharing dirty toys can transmit diseases just like unprotected sex, and when you’re dealing with these types of bacteria along with the potential for tears in the flesh if enough lube isn’t used, it becomes a bit of a risky situation.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish, plus that’s just an excuse for you and your partner to each buy your own beads that suit you personally!

How long should you keep the beads in for?

Exactly how long you can wear them for will vary from person to person, but you want to take them out before napping or sleeping regardless. Also, be careful that they aren’t getting too dry, you may want to re-lube a few times during any longer marathon sessions. It’s recommended to listen to your body, stop if it’s hurting, and take a break every couple of hours or so.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

While they’re technically a type of buttplug, anal beads can reach places that normal plugs just can’t. Anal plugs are more stationary, with the pleasure coming from the pressure and presence of them. Beads, on the other hand, can be exciting due to the motion they provide when inserted and removed, which is kind of like putting in and taking out a plug over and over, but sometimes with tapered sizes for added sensations.