Animal Fur Cat Tail Design Glass Plug [4 Colors]


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Getting bored of the short size toys that you have? Do you need something to add flavor to the intimate moments that you spend with your partner? How about adding fun and novelty to the otherwise monotonous routine using this Animal Fur Cat Tail Design Glass Plug. It is made of high-grade glass that's shaped and smoothened to a perfect anatomical form ensuring painless insertion and pleasurable use every time! It's also easy to clean and conceal in case you need to bring it with you on a travel.

  • Designed for both men and women
  • Made of soft fur material resembling that of a real cat
  • Anatomically shaped to ensure smooth use achieving the desired piquant sensation every single time
  • Effectively massages the anal or vaginal area to induce rich blood flow to those areas and aid in a more satisfying orgasm

With its perfect shape and easy-to-clean glass surface, you're sure to enjoy better orgasms without worrying about your own health and safety. It's a perfect addition to your toys collection and a great ingredient to add thrill and excitement to every intimate moment. GET IT NOW AND ENJOY A BIG DISCOUNT ON OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE!

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