Assorted 6 Pieces Per Set Pink Silicone Anal Massage Plugs


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Add six beautiful anal massage plugs to your collection by getting a set of this Assorted Pink Silicone Anal Massage Plug. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for those beginners who are looking to try bigger and better shape massage plugs as time passes. With its soft silicone material, you’re sure to get piquant sensations every time you get intimate with yourself or with your partner.

  • Exclusive 6 Pieces Per Set Offer- Get 6 anal plugs for the price of 1
  • Made of high-quality food grade silicone- guaranteed safe and hygienic
  • 6 available shapes producing a unique sensation in the anal/vaginal area
  • Great for both men and women

Satisfy your partner’s fantasies and give him/her a memorable orgasm every time. These anal massage plugs are designed to aid in better stimulation of sensitive areas thereby resulting in a pleasurable experience every single time. YOU’RE SAVING A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY WITH THIS EXCLUSIVE 6 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 DEAL SO GRAB A SET TODAY BEFORE STOCKS RUN OUT AND OUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER IS OVER!

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