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[Honest Review] Here’s the Best Animal Tail Butt Plug for Anal Play

Leading Animal Tail Butt Plugs

If you want to spice up your sex life, then you should definitely look into these increasingly popular sex toys!

Whether your sex life needs more excitement, or you simply need a new toy for playing with yourself, an animal tail butt plug can help. You’re not sure why these things have become so popular? What’s the big deal? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

Whether you’re new to using sex toys or you’re just expanding the number of toys in your secret sex chest, you’ll love having an animal tail butt plug.

Why Would You Want a Animal Anal/Butt Plug?

Whenever we achieve an orgasm, the muscles in our anal cavity contract in response. This experience lasts 3 to 15 seconds, depending on how powerful the orgasm is. However, when something is inside of your behind during the orgasm, there’s more nerve stimulation, which in turn heightens the intensity of the orgasm. That’s why butt plugs are great sex toys.

Anal Plugs 101

Usually, butt plugs are conical shaped, with a thin bottom and a flared base as an additional safety feature. Made for anal stimulation, these toys slightly expand the anus while stimulating nerve endings both on the inside and on the outside.

Ultimate Guide For Butt Plugs

Animal but plugs started gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to their whimsical look. Each of these tails can inspire you and your partner to try out something new and exciting while giving your imaginations a boost. After you start using one of these, role-playing will never be the same without them.

Man or woman, all you need to do is use some good lube and put the tail butt plug in. With it inside, you can kiss, have sex, lick, touch, or play with yourself while enjoying the additional pleasure coming from behind.

Here’s Our Favorite Animal Tail Anal & Butt Plugs of 2019:

Below you’ll find a list of our Favorite Animal Tail plugs for your Enjoyment and where to buy them!

1. Wild Stainless Steel White Fox

Wild Stainless Steel White Fox's Tail's Butt PlugOnce you look at this wonderful, furry, stainless steel toy, you will fall in love. It’s as sexy as they come, and thanks to the luscious white fur, it doesn’t even look like a butt plug.

There’s just one thing you should think of before using it — the stainless steel can be unpleasantly cold. That’s why it’s best to dip it in warm water and heat it up a bit before each use. Once you put the butt plug inside, you will feel the soft tail brushing gently against your legs, increasing the intensity of stimulation.

Thanks to its modest size, this little guy is perfect for beginners.
Oh, and lastly, this tail is super-simple to clean with soap and water. Just don’t put it in the washer, and it will last you a long time.



2. Master Series Dog Tail

Master Series Black Vibrating Dog Tail Butt PlugA short curled tail, a large, rounded head, and a wider base, this toy just screams puppy play. If you’re into BDSM, and you or your partner have been naughty, this dog tail plug will rock your world.

Made out of a firm, flexible rubber, this dog tail butt plug has 3.5 inches of insertable length and a 1.8-inch diameter, while the tail itself is 11 inches long. All of this combined guarantees a ton of pure pleasure with tail wagging and tugging.

Thanks to the wonderfully slippery surface, this tail butt plug is easy to put in and great for wearing over a longer time period.

Although it is a lot of fun, this isn’t really for first-time users, as the bulb size is significant.



3. Small Bunny Butt Plug Stainless Steel

Small Size Metal Rabbit Tail Anal PlugHave some bun fun with your bum. Delightful and small, this bunny tail butt plug will deliver an exciting sexual experience that you won’t forget easily.
Available in white, blue, and pink, this little guy’s stainless steel end is 2.8 inches long and 1.1 inches wide. A small spice for an enormous pleasure, this bunny tail will provide both aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

Just bear in mind that you need to clean it regularly so it remains wonderful and hygienic.
Costume or not, this little bunny is ready to have a go at it, and your partner is guaranteed to adore it.



In the End

For those who don’t like the in-and-out anal penetration, animal butt plugs are perfect. They will arouse and stimulate, without making you feel overwhelmed.
If you’re a beginner, be ready to experiment a bit until you discover your perfect plug. When you do, there will be no end to your orgasmic fun.

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