Black Silicone Bullet Shape Anal Massage Plug


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Is making love turning into a boring routine between you and your partner? Add spice to it and revive your once exciting sex life! Black Silicone Bullet Shape Anal Massage Plug is going to help you achieve that making every intimate moment flare up with excitement and satisfaction. It is made of high-quality food grade silicone material that is shaped perfectly to ensure piquant sensation as it touches your skin and inserts into the anal/vaginal area. Its easy to grip handle allows better control both for insertion and removal

  • Available Sizes:
    Small: 83 mm or 3.26 inches
    Medium: 98 mm or 3.85 inches
    Large: 123 mm or 4.84 inches
  • Made of high-quality bullet-shape food grade silicone to ensure smooth penetration and pleasurable experience every time
  • Great for massaging the prostate in men or the G-spot area in women

With its carefully shaped design and its easy-to-clean materials used, your partner will surely love both its aesthetic appearance and satisfying performance. GET THIS AWESOME INTIMATE MASSAGE TOY TODAY AND ENJOY IT AT A LOWER PRICE! HURRY AND GRAB ONE BEFORE OUR SALE OVER!


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