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All About Our Selection

Butt plugs have always been a great way to add a little extra excitement to the bedroom. They’re a unisex toy so both men and women can enjoy them, and they aren’t just used for providing pleasure on their own, they’re also a common tool when it comes to preparing to try anal sex to make it more comfortable.

Butt plugs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials so whatever you’re into, and no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to get the job done. Smaller sizes are popular for beginners, and you can even get sets that gradually increase in size as you expand your horizons.

If you want to get really fancy, you can find plugs with jewels and designs on the end, or even anal hooks if you really like to get down to business.

How to use a Butt Plug

On the surface, it’s pretty straightforward and even the most vanilla and least experienced people can figure out that you stick it in your butt, and it’s pretty obvious which end goes in first. Beyond that, there are some more subtle nuances that can help you get the most out of the experience, and to avoid causing yourself any pain or injuries. If used incorrectly, there’s potential to hurt yourself, so let’s go over some of the basics of using a butt plug, and also things like how to care for it, how to clean it, and anything else you might be wondering if you’re thinking of exploring.

Step 1: Preparation

To put it bluntly, this means creating some room for the toy. Depending on when you last defecated, you’ll want to consider waiting to play until shortly after evacuating yourself. This works if you’ve got a chance to plan ahead and wait for the right moment and all that, but what about in the heat of the moment? Well, on short notice, some people will use a laxative if planning time is at a minimum, but once again, sometimes you don’t have that luxury and in those cases you’re just going to have to accept that poop comes out of buttholes, and if you’re going to play with fire, you may get a little burnt.

If you hate the idea of that, just make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to prepare and that you’re ready to go after your next number 2.

If you want to take things a step further, some people will use a douche to further clean their bowels out. Others will consider this step overkill. Using a douche is fairly simple, and will vary slightly depending on the type used, but generally speaking the idea is to fill it with water and then use the douche to fill yourself with that water, flushing it out of your rectum after about 20-40 seconds, and performing this step a few times. Each time, the water will look cleaner and less murky.

Make sure you don’t use soap if you’re choosing to go the enema route.

To sum up the preparation stage, there’s really three levels you can work with. You can go right for it without any preparation, which is potentially the messiest approach but some people don’t care or they get caught up in the moment enough to brush off what others pay find mortifying. The next step is to wait until after you’ve pooped, or to get the poop out of you with laxatives.

Finally, for the people wanting the absolute cleanest experience, the extra mile is to douche out the bowels before the action gets started. Interestingly enough, some people find the douching practice itself to be quite stimulating, so maybe that’s a whole other dimension to include in your play.

Step 2: Lubrication

Whether or not lube makes a lot of appearances in your pre-anal sex life, this slippery goo is now your absolute best friend. Lubricant is incredibly important for a positive anal experience, especially when you’re just getting started.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of lube, and don’t be shy with applying it to your rectum, to your toys, to your fingers, and anything else that may be finding its way inside of you.

Make sure the lube you’re using won’t have any negative interactions with your toy, and you can also considering using lubricated condoms on your toys but you’ll still most likely want to add a lot more lubricant than the condoms come with, and you’ll still want to give your toys a rinse after so don’t think of rubbers as a way to avoid the basic clean-up process.

Step 3: Stretches

So, you might be used to stretching before a big workout at the gym. It helps loosen things up, get you feeling in touch with your body, and prepares you for the workout that’s about to come. You’ll also want to warm up your rectum with stretches before getting down and dirty, especially if you’re new to anal penetration in particular.

Start by applying a generous amount of lube to your butthole, and also to your finger. Start with one or two fingers, slowly insert them into yourself, stop and breathe for a moment, just take it all in, see how it feels. If 2 is too much to fit, start with one. You don’t want to force it or cause any pain, but you do want to be giving enough pressure to feel that stretch, too.

The goal here is to listen to your body, and start to become more comfortable with the idea of anal penetration if it’s something you are feeling a little nervous with.

Starting by playing with your fingers gives you total control over it. If two fingers doesn’t feel like you’re getting much of a stretch, try 3. Everyone is different and our bodies are all built differently, so just go with what feels best without pushing things too far.

If you’re feeling comfortable and are still eager to keep exploring, you’re finally ready to insert the plug.

Step 4: Getting Plugged

It’s time to lube up your butt plug, maybe add a little more lubricant to your anus, and slowly start to insert the plug.

If you have a kit designed to help with anal training, you can start with the smallest one, which may or may not be even smaller than the fingers you started with before that.

If you’re a total beginner, this can be a good place to start since it’ll also help you judge the size of your hole and what you can comfortable handle, allowing you to purchase fancier plugs in the future knowing what sizes to look for. That’s why an affordable training kit is a solid place to start!

Step 5: More lube!

This step is just here to fully enforce the importance of using lubricant, and topping it off as you go. Tearing on the inside of your anus isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous and lead to some very nasty infections. Play it safe, use lots of lube, and you’ll be just fine!

If you’re planning to wear your plug out and about during the day or the evening, or both, it’s important to keep a travel-size container of lubricant with you as well. You’ll need to find a few moments where you can sneak away and ensure you’re keeping things lubricated enough because it really can start to dry up throughout the course of the day, and that can make things very unpleasant when it comes time to pull out the plug.

You may feel this certain pain and pleasure mixture, but if you’re feeling any genuine pain you need to stop and move to something smaller, you don’t want to hurt yourself or cause any damage! Patience is key, and working your way up to larger toys is part of the process.

Step 7: Removing it

You’ll want to remove the toy very slowly and carefully. Some suggest not leaving it in for longer than an hour, while others will wear their plugs all day.

In either case, you should definitely take it out before bedtime. Consider the quality of the toy as well, higher-end options may be better suited to longer sessions, whereas cheaper ones may be great – but only for shorter amounts of time.

You don’t want to just yank it out, that can be very dangerous. Instead, you’ll want to very slowly pull the toy out with your hand while simultaneously pushing it with your body out like you’re taking a poop. This combination of pushing and pulling helps to ensure it’s as painless as possible. The key here is to go slowly, and ideally things are will well-lubricated.

Step 6: Clean-up

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning your toys right away. As much as it may be the last thing you want to do after an intense session, the longer you wait the even less you’ll want to take care of it, and the more time that passes – the more dangerous and nasty it can get. So, get in the habit, it’s really not that tough to clean, and then you’re all set for next time.

Depending on the material of your toy, you may be able to boil it to fully disinfect it. That works for glass and other types, but it’s a bad idea for certain materials. Soap and warm water is crucial, and you may choose to invest in a specially formulated sex-toy cleaning solution.

After the soap and water, it’s important to rinse it very well, too. You don’t want any of that soap residue causing you irritations the next time you play with it, not to mention other much more foul residues that can stay behind.

Consider the shape of the toy before you make the purchase, too. Some of the more intricate ones will be a nuisance to clean, whereas a traditional cone-shaped one will be among the easiest to wipe down and will have minimal crevices.

As for cleaning up yourself, just hop in the shower and give yourself a good wash. Again, avoid having any soap enter inside of you as it can cause issues, but you may want to use some to clean up the lube that has almost certainly spread to the inner parts of your cheeks.

That’s all there really is to it! Now, finally, let’s take a look at a few other notes to keep in mind, answers to come common questions, and a brief history of the origins of buttplugs.


Which buttplug should I choose?

Go with the one that stands out to you, and that you think will fit you the best, if you’re not starting out with a few of them of various sizes.

You could start by exploring your body with your fingers to get a rough idea, for example if you can only fit one finger, you’ll want to start on the smaller end with plugs, or if you can slide 3 fingers in no problem, you can skip ahead a few notices and start with something a little more substantial knowing you can handle it like a champ.

Are buttplugs only for ____?

Fill in the blank, we’ve been asked if they’re only for use during masturbation, or only for use during sex, or only to be used as a tool for stretching, and generally speaking the answer is no!

There are many uses for these toys, as we’ve discussed, whether alone or with somebody else, at home or while you’re on the go. Use them alone, with a lover, with ten of your closest friends, for masturbation, for training, whatever!

Can you share them with other people?

It’s not a good idea to share this type of toy, since there’s all kinds of bacteria and stuff at play, and sharing a buttplug can lead to infections.

It’s a good excuse for you and your partner to each buy your own, but if you just HAVE to share one, we definitely recommend either thoroughly cleaning it and waiting a period of time before sharing it, or using a condom and replacing it after the first partner has used it, with a fresh one.

A few other precautions…

You’ll want to make absolutely sure that there’s no way for the plug to slip inside of you. We’ve seen certain designs that are more narrow at the base, so that can certainly cause issues for people who have wider openings. Make sure you’re being realistic about your body size when you’re making your purchase, the size of your anus in particular.

You could be a large person with a tiny butthole, or a tiny person with a much bigger butthole, there’s no shame either way – most important is just finding the toy that’s going to fit you, and that’s absolutely not going to accidentally slip all the way in.

When that happens, you’ll want to go to the emergency room. Don’t be embarrassed about that, it’s really not the most uncommon thing for them to see, and it’s certainly not even going to be the most memorable event that SHIFT, let alone that week or month, at the ER. The nurses and doctors have seen it all and worse, a thousand times before, so while having a buttplug stuck might feel traumatic and embarrassing to you, it’s everyday stuff for them, so don’t let that fear or embarrassment stop you from getting professional help because waiting for it to pass can cause some serious issues, and it’s more than likely not going to just slip out on its own, it’ll just get worse.

A Brief History

When we mentioned that butt plugs have always been a great way to add some spice to your sexual relationships, we aren’t kidding about the always part.

Early plugs have been discovered as far back as Ancient China, during the Han dynasty starting around 200 BCE. These recently-discovered artifacts are made from bronze and jade, and shaped phallically with rings on the other end, presumably to aide in removing them.

All things considered, they aren’t all that much different than the types of butt plugs you see in use today, perhaps a bit less refined in design, but still impressive none the less.

But enough about ancient anal toys, let’s get right into what’s currently available on the market, what you should look for when choosing one, and some important use and care information as well.

What is a butt plug and what are they for?

As the name suggests, butt plugs are inserted into the asshole, but designed not to go all the way in – they get wider towards the end to ensure they can’t slip in.

Remember: if your butt plug gets stuck there’s something very specific you should do. Go to the emergency room if you get a toy stuck inside of yourself, it can be very dangerous to try to force it out and it can be equally dangerous to leave it in there for too long.

Plugs can be worn during intercourse to enhance the sensations and lead to incredibly powerful orgasms, or during masturbation sessions, and some people even like to just have it in while they’re out and about during the day.

They often look like standard dildos, but they typically aren’t as long, and again they have wider bases or handles of sorts to prevent them from going all the way in. Butt plugs are about giving sensation to the sphincter muscles and can reach inside a bit, but they typically aren’t really designed for deep anal penetration or for actively being pushed in and out, as a regular dildo would likely be a better fit, so to speak.

A common use for butt plugs beyond the pleasure they offer on their own is to use them as a training device leading to anal sex. They can be worn for extended periods of time (Relatively speaking, keeping it in for an hour or two isn’t all that uncommon, but you’ll want to be careful when it comes to longer periods, and especially when it comes to keeping it in overnight which is not something you should do. While they’re harmless when used correctly, you probably don’t want something in there when you’re asleep and unconscious.)

The plug stretches things out to make anal sex feel a lot less painful. Even with smaller plugs, it’s important to use a lot of lubricant, and to top it off if you’re keeping it in for longer periods, since it will eventually start to dry out and can become uncomfortable and lead to tearing of the flesh.

Some people also prefer to explore down there by themselves at first to get a feel for things before engaging in anal play with a partner, and plugs offer the perfect opportunity to do that.

Whether you’re going at it with someone else, or by yourself, there’s no denying that butt stuff is all the rage lately, and these little (or big!) accessories can help you make the most of the experience.

Butt/Anal Plug Benefits

There have been some crazy claims made over the years by “Doctors” or bloggers touting all sorts of over the top benefits, but we won’t really get into those, let’s stick to the realistic stuff.

First things first, they offer a benefit that we’ve already discussed, which is to help stretch the anus in a safe and slow way prior to anal sex. The plug allows them to rest in place in order to accomplish the stretching in a slow, careful way. With countless different sizes available, and even sets designed specifically for anal sex training, these are a great way to prepare – especially for those who have particularly well-endowed partners.

Anal plugs can be used to stimulate a woman’s g-spot through the inner wall that is between the anal and vaginal cavities. This will depend on the length of the toy and the anatomy of the individual, and in some cases there may be toys that are better suited to that, ones that aren’t designed for longer sessions necessarily, and have an easier time reaching those perfect places.

Another benefit is aesthetic. Plugs come in all sorts of styles, and some have small tails sticking out, or gems, or other decorations. This can add a fun element to roleplay.

Obviously, they also offer a great deal of stimulation and pleasure in ways that you can’t even imagine until you’ve tried it.

The Anal Awakening

Anal sex has finally become mainstream and the door is wide open with possibilities and benefits. We’ve already talked about some of the benefits of using a plug in particular, and why people will use it, but what about benefits to anal in general?

There are a few of them that are definitely worth mentioning and thinking about. Of course, if you don’t enjoy how it feels or you aren’t comfortable with it, than all of these points are moot and you shouldn’t use these as any kind of arguments or debate points if you’re trying to convince someone into trying anal and they aren’t already enthusiastic about it.

But if you are into the idea of buttstuff, it’s worth noting that it is believed to have a positive impact on the immune system, by introducing new antibodies into the system which can help boost immunity.

It can help with blood flow in the bowels and lead to better bowel movements. If you’re picturing it having the opposite effect because you’re imaging things getting “pushed in”, that’s not quite how it works. It can really help to get things moving.

Thankfully, this typically doesn’t happen during the act itself, especially if you’re following the best practices, and that’s one of the biggest fears and apprehensions so let’s clear that up right now. If you do it often enough, you’re certainly going to run into some streaks here and there, but chances are it’s nowhere near as bad as you’re imagining.

It’s also good exercise, especially when you’re really going at it. This isn’t unique to anal sex in particular and it applies to all physical activities, but that does certainly include anal as well in case you ever need an extra excuse to have an intense anal session!

It’s Not “Just for Men”

There’s this old school stereotype that this is something that’s just for men to enjoy, or with straight couples that it’s something the woman puts up with or endures to please her man, even if it’s not really her idea of a good time.

The fact of the matter is that with better sex education and awareness on how to enjoy anal play safety and without pain, more and more women are waking up to the fact that they can get immense pleasure out of this.

Anal orgasms are a real thing, and this is becoming more and more of a regular activity for all types of couples from gay, straight, and everything in between. There’s no prototypical person who enjoys anal play anymore, there’s so much fun to be had that all types of people are getting down with the brown.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re very experienced and have done this a ton of times before, or you’re just getting started, buying a new butt plug can be a really fun experience.

We know lots of people who love to collect them, keeping them in a little pleasure chest. It can be addictive! Especially when you look at some of the really unique and fancy ones and just start to wonder “Hmm, I wonder what that would feel like inside myself…”

Hopefully you have found this resource to be interesting and helpful, and you have no trouble finding the perfect toys to try out.

We carry a huge selection of high-quality toys to please everyone from beginners to pros, and to fit just about any budget because incredible sexual experiences and earth shattering orgasms shouldn’t be reserved for the elites of society!

If this type of toy isn’t quite up your alley, don’t be shy to browse the rest of the site, we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least a few things that catch your eye. Don’t be afraid to stray a little from your usual comfort zone, let your curiosity guide you towards insane levels of pleasure that you didn’t even realize were possible!

Orgasms already feel great, but talk to anyone who has experienced one while also being plugged, and you’ll be eager to try it out for yourself. Go ahead, try it out! Shop knowing that we practice great discretion and put care into every order to ensure that you LOVE all of our products. We’re not just trying to sell you your first plug, we want you coming back for more and more, which is why we always aim to give every customer the best experience possible.