Glass Butt Plugs

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Showing 1–40 of 41 results

Best Glass Butt Plugs

Plugjoy has varieties of new butt plugs. They’ve once again unveiled some quality products known as the glass butt plug. They are a simple, clear plug, made with durable and robust Pyrex glass ball, required to massage your anus. Our simple, yet unique design beat all other products found in the marketplace. It has a smooth surface which aids proper body contact, finding its way dip down the anus.

The surface design of these products also allows easy insertion and remover without experiencing any form of pain. The material used in constructing these products is Borosilicate glass which is popularly known for its enhanced comfort. The hollow anus toys also make use of water-based lubricants to avoid tears and for increased effectiveness.

If you want additional stimulation with these anus plugs, you can heat it up and then cool it afterward. Our customers have several products to select from based on size and design. There are great butt toys for extended wears, and it is also perfect as all night wears, as it helps to relax muscles thereby giving you ideal sleep.

What are the distinctive features of Glass butt plugs?

The unique feature of these lovely butt toys is its material of constructions (i.e. Pyrex), which makes it perfect for both male and female. The maximum head diameter attainable by glass butt plugs is 2.63 inches and a maximum height of 5.5 inches. The approximate dimension and average weight of these sex toys are 2.6 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches and 1.6 pounds respectively. We also have the small size which has a length of 4.5 inches with 4 inches insertable and 1.15 head diameter. The medium side of these products has an approximate range of 4.75 inches with 4.5 inches insertable and a head diameter of 1.35 inches. You cannot select colors because all our glass butt plugs are crystal clear. Prisms erotic glass Agni anal plugs are very safe to use and maintain. The base of these products is broad enough to prevent the butt plugs from slipping into your butt.

Most of our customers found the glass butt plugs more effective than other anal toys because of the pleasure they derive from them.

How to take care of glass butt plugs?

Although some people give less importance to the maintenance of their product, which is very bad. Cleanliness is essential for the users of butt plugs. We advise you always treat these products with adequate care because they are a bit fragile. Make sure they are washed thoroughly and keep neatly in their pack after usage.