His and Hers Butt Plugs

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Showing all 2 results

Gone are those days when we use butt plugs for only one gender. Nowadays, the demand for anal sex toys by both genders has led to the rapid increase in the sale of these products. PlugJoy deals in several anal training kits that can help you enjoy your intimate life. His and hers butt plugs are examples of quality products you can get from our marketplace. You and your partner can use these products to ease the way into the back door beginning with the small size butt plug, and then progress to medium size and finally try out the advanced products of these anal toys. Introducing His and hers butt plug in your relationship is a perfect way to start good sex. Our products are designed to meet your need and give you maximum satisfaction. If His and hers anal toys are properly maintained, they can last for a very long period.

These plugs were designed in different sizes and shapes thereby giving customers the chance to choose the type of product they want. These products are straightforward to use, they have beautiful and smooth synthetic material, and they have a moderate weight that can give an awesome sexual feeling and a real turn on. Our products do not contain phthalate, and their surface coated with anti-bacterial. Therefore, they are safe to use.

The different types of His and hers butt plugs we have

We have various kinds of His and hers butt plugs that are different from each other only by their shapes and colors. Our anal toys hit the right spots and increase your organism so you can get pleasure from the soothing sensations with a mind-blowing climax.

Features of buying His and hers butt plugs through plugJoy!

We have specially shaped dong products used for G-spot stimulation and prostrate excitation. The available colors of His or her butt plugs you can find in our marketplace includes red, blue, pink, black, golden, purple, yellow, and so on. Enjoy our His and her butt plugs made with the best synthetic material.

Our set of pink butt plugs are perfect for anyone who is ready to experiment with anal play. When using any of these products, apply water-based lubes on its head, insert it at your own pace and allow the smooth surface to glide through your butt.

How to take care of your His and hers butt plugs

Some people always make for granted the need to maintain their butt plugs, and this shouldn’t be so. It is possible to contact Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) if you fail to clean your plugs properly before and after use.

Make sure you wash the tip of your anal toys adequately with soap and water and dry it afterward. Also, maintain it at room temperature.