Inflatable Butt Plugs

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Inflatable butt plugs an advanced version of the regular butt plugs you can find in the marketplace. If you’re sure of the size of the cap that is best for you, then these type of plugs are best for you. You can increase it to your desired size through the ball pump that is attached to it. You can inflate if by squeezing the balls while the butt plugs keep growing. As PlugJoy we have varieties of these products; therefore, our customers have a full range of products to select. Our inflatable butt plugs can either be used alone or with a partner, and they can give you the exact satisfaction you desire. These devices perform three tasks just at a time, i.e., it stimulates, inflates and vibrates. Inflatable butt plugs do not give our customers a hard time to insert and remove. To remove these type of plugs, all you need to do is to deflate using the ball and then draw it out gently.

Our products have a different head design, although, they have the same volume of the ball. The materials used in making the ball is majorly composed of rubber, so they can expand to a reasonable length and return to their original shapes after use.

What kinds of colt Are Inflatable butt plugs available?

Most of our customer indeed purchase an entry level one and keep it in while they have fun with their partner. It’s said to bring extra pleasure during intercourse, but the only way to know is to order during our sales and find out for yourself!

Features of buying inflatable butt plugs through PlugJoy!

The Vibes Inflatable butt plugs in our marketplace have different colors, plug design, and sizes. Its flared base is broad enough to give you maximum comfort and safety, and the tip of the plugs are designed to provide you with artificial stimulation with customized pleasure. When deflated, these plugs measure the length of 5 inches and diameter of 1.5 inches, but when inflated, they measure approximately 5.25inches of height and about 2.25 inches diameter.

The following colors (from various listings) are available: baby blue, yellow, pink, baby pink, brown, violet purple, black, beige, tan and brown. All of our inflatable butt plugs go through a quality assurance process to ensure that they are made with BPA free material (for the silicon-based plugs), as well as random testing of our assembly lines.

Other brands of these products are also found here as well, and they all complied with our quality standards. Some of our products like vibrating inflatable anal plugs controlled with battery for ease of use.

How to take care of your rubber Inflatable butt plugs

Make sure you clean your device as often as you can because it’s not advisable to leave it dirty. For those people using the vibrating type, ensure that the batteries are removed immediately after usage.