Jeweled Butt Plugs

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Showing all 23 results

When it comes to getting best jeweled butt plugs of different sizes, types, and design, you can count on PlugJoy. We have specially made jewel plugs with beautifully designed structure required for maximum satisfaction and comfortability. Our products manufactured from chrome plated steel, therefore they can last for a very long time without wearing out.

Our customers are always happy to have jewel butt plugs because they can wear it while walking and all night.

These plugs were designed in different sizes and shape thereby giving customers the chance to choose the type that can best fit them. This product is straightforward to use, it was nice and smooth metals, and it has a moderate weight that can give an awesome sexual feeling and a real turn on.

Our Jewel butt plug types depend on the particular size and design you want. We have a smooth anal plug, removable jewel accent, and those made from a silicone material. We also have Jewel butt plugs of small, medium and large sizes depending on which one you want.

Unique features of Jewel butt Plugs are:

Our products have different colours and bottom designs; therefore, customers can pick the outcome of their choice. Our available product designs are anodised metal, silicone tulip, metal flower, bulbous, bullet, clover etc. Most of these products have a dimension of (5 x 2 x 2) inches with an approximate weight of 0.32 pounds. Some other features that are common to Jewel butt plugs are an approximate insertable length of 2 inches, smooth head with the broadest point having an approximate circumference of 3.75 inches. Although, the rim of the head is lesser in some cases, depending on the size you choose.

All our products are well certified and are safe for use. Our silicone based plug are free from Bisphenol A (BPA). If you are a new user of Jewel butt plugs, endeavor always to apply premium lubricants or water based lubes for easy and quick movement through your butt. You must take note that whenever you intend to wear this product out or probably take a walk around, do not use lubricant. I.e. use oils only when you’re at home, and you’ll rest assured of complete satisfaction.

Jewel plug Do’s and Dont’s

Jewel butt plugs are cute toys that give pleasure to most ladies. Although these type of plugs are straightforward to use, however, you must still learn its usage and how to take good care of the product correctly.

If you’re a starter, make sure you organism is active before attempting to insert Jewel butt so you can get more pleasure derivation. Always put and remove Jeweled anal toys into your butt slowly and steady to avoid being hurt.

Make sure that the plug is appropriately clean after usage. Make use of soap and water to wash it thoroughly, and then allow it to dry up.