Princess Butt Plugs

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Showing all 33 results

Are you seriously in need of attractive butt plugs? Then, you don’t need to go too far because PlugJoy has various fascinating and useful butt plugs that can adequately satisfy you. Some examples of our caps are princess butt plugs. We have high-quality products constructed from chrome-plated stainless steel material. Our customers patronise these gorgeous plugs tunnels because of the flat plug heads and the adorable base with different types of colour. Our products have good designs; therefore, you can wear it comfortably, and they are very easy to use. Our anal plugs are washable, and it can quickly dry up due to the smooth surface it possesses. So, enjoy a regular sensation as princess anal plugs allow for smooth entry and exit. These products are incredibly durable, they are highly resistant to water, and oxidation cannot degrade them.

What are the various types of Princess butt plugs available?

Our princess anal fetish plugs are of several types. The types you choose depends on the size, colour, and design. The colours available in our marketplace include pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, golden, etc. The available size types are small, medium, and large depending on the size that suits you. These products designed for different shapes of butt, hence slight difference in the head’s size. Beginners are advised to go for small or medium size hollow butt plug with the narrow shaped head design. Many of our customers buy more of pink coloured princess butt plugs because there’s nothing more attractive than covering your asshole with a little pink gem.

Unique features of Princess butt plugs

If you want to give your asshole some particular attention with the aid of hollow butt plugs, then you need to know its features.

The small size plugs have an average height of 2.8 inches with a head diameter of 1.1 inches, the medium size plugs have an approximate height of 3.2 inches and a head diameter of 1.4 inches, while the large size plugs have an approximate height of 3.7 inches with a head diameter of 1.7 inches. Users that have a deep and wide asshole should use large butt plugs. The gem of the hollow butt plugs are well attached, therefore it can’t be easily loosed. The metal used in its construction is unreactive; therefore, it can last for long.

There are also beginners butt sex plugs used mostly by couples for sweet sex life. It gives women a great turn-on while in bed, and the cap can stay longer on their butt for a very long time without experiencing any pain.

Benefits of princess butt plugs

It heightens sexual satisfaction: All our customers have attested to the fact that they derive adequate sexual pleasure by making use of this product.

It stimulates both body and mind: Another benefit of this product is that it encourages the body and mind at the same time.

Practical use of other pleasure areas: If you use this product consistently, you’ll learn to focus on other areas of sexual pleasure in your body.

It’s safe to use: It does not pose any danger to the user; therefore, it’s very safe to use.