Small Beginner Butt Plugs

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Are you just starting the use of anal play toys? Do you always have the feeling that none of these anal toys can adequately fit you? If yes, then you don’t need to bother yourself again because PlugJoy has provisions for many butt plugs that can get you started. Examples of such plug are the small butt plugs. These products are perfect for your first anal experience with complete satisfaction. In case your butt is exceptionally tight, make use of small butt plugs because of their narrow head and for other safety reasons.

We have several sizes of these products ranging from the tiny ones to larger size. So, it’s advisable you start with the smaller ones with a narrow head and upgrade to larger ones as you progress. Customers have reported that the plugs do not fall out and the tail can swish side to side while staying securely and safely in place. As a new user, we recommend that you use water-based lubricants so there won’t be any tear during insertion and removal.

Unique features of Small butt plugs are:

Our products have perfectly proportioned shapes and sizes that suit anal play newbies, and these products also offer an accessible introduction to backdoor fun. Our tiny anal toys can enhance your sexual experience and give you the arousal you needed as a beginner. Some of our available products include slim butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, mini butt plugs amongst others.

We have butt plugs with an approximate diameter of 0.9 inches, a circumference of 2.83 inches, length of 4.5 inches and 3.9 inches insertable. They have a narrow neck and thick flared base to prevent the plugs from slipping off your anus. Small butt plugs are beautiful, with their interior made with flexible PVC material and their exteriors with well-crafted firm plastisol. All our products are well certified and are safe for use. Our silicone based plug are free from Bisphenol A (BPA).

Our products are available in diverse colors such as blue, purple, pink, yellow, black, golden, red, etc. However, many of our customers buy more of pink colored small butt plugs because there’s nothing more attractive than covering your asshole with a little pink gem. However, the choice is yours.

Benefits of Small butt plugs

The benefits of using our anal toys as highlighted below are:

Good for tight butt users: Our Small butt plugs are ideal products for people with a tight butt. We have different dimensions of these products depending on the size of your butt.

It gives immediate arousal: Our customers have attested to the fact that they have quick sexual stimulation when using these products.

It’s safe to use: It does not pose any danger to the user; therefore, it’s very safe to use.

Maintenance of Small butt plugs

These are cute toys that give pleasure to both ladies and men alike. Although these plugs are easy to use, however, you must still learn its usage and how to take good care of the product correctly. Always ensure your plug is appropriately clean after usage. Make use of soap and water to wash it thoroughly, and then allow it to dry up.