Extra Large Butt Plugs

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Showing all 2 results

Do you want to challenge yourself with a large butt plug and try something that’s out from the regular size? PlugJoy has varieties of products for experienced anal lovers who are always looking out for challenging toys. Our large butt plugs are capable of expanding your anus rapidly with 100% effectiveness. We, also have Extra Large Cock Shape Silicone Anal Plugs which are made to bring your fantasies to life and they are going to do it safely.

These products are anatomically shaped to aid in easier insertion without pain and discomfort. Yes! They slide smoothly in every insert even with just natural lubrication. Large butt plugs are anal devices that your partner will surely love and feel excited about every time. So, if you are stretching out your butt before the actual fisting, then these are the set of devices you should acquire.

The exterior part of our products can be in the form of black silicone, rubber, and transparent glass; thereby giving you the chance to choose products that can satisfy you.

Our butt plugs had curved edges and crafted to perfection. You’ll soon find out these products are all you need to change your love life into something pleasurable, romantic and stimulating again.

Features of large butt plugs

Our products have an approximate dimension of 5.82 inches length and 2.55 inches of head diameter. Large butt plugs are the perfect size for anyone looking to reach beyond their comfort zone and experiment with new things. We have large butt plugs made with premium quality materials, these plugs are strong, sturdy, and durable, ensuring you a product that is built to last a lifetime.

Currently, our products are available in two different colors, and the two colors we have in our marketplace are black and pink.

You must take note that whenever you intend to wear this product out or probably take a walk around, do not use lubricant. I.e., use oils only when you’re at home, and you’ll rest assured of complete satisfaction.

All our products are well certified and are safe for use. Our silicone based plug are free from Bisphenol A (BPA). If you are a new user extra-large butt plugs, endeavor always to apply premium lubricants or water based lubes for easy and quick movement through your butt.

The good news about these devices is that they expertly massages and enhances blood flow towards the anal/vaginal area improving mood and sensation and they are fit for both men and women.

Benefits of Prostate Extra-Large butt plugs

Our customers have benefited a lot from the usage of large butt plugs. Some of the benefits they got as highlighted below are:

Improved stimulation: Our customers are now stimulated right with the use of these anal toys more than ever before. The stimulus is due to the large size and the smooth surface they possess.

It’s safe to use: It does not pose any danger to the user; therefore, it’s very safe to use.

Always in place: Our butt plugs are regularly tightly held to the butt due to their large sizes. This attribute makes you enjoy them more.

Maintenance of Large butt plugs

These are cute toys that give pleasure to both ladies and men alike. Although these plugs are easy to use, however, you must still learn its usage and how to take good care of the product correctly.

Always ensure your plug is appropriately clean after usage. Make use of soap and water to wash it thoroughly, and then allow it to dry up.