Clover Jewel Base Stainless Steel Anal Massage Plug [13 Colors]


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Want a more comfortable size toy that's ready to give you satisfying piquant sensations every time? That's precisely what this small size Clover Jewel Base Stainless Steel Anal Massage Plug will do for you. It is designed with comfort, style, and satisfaction in mind and it's ready to bring the perfect piquant sensation every time! It's just the right size for those beginners who want to explore and rehearse the act by themselves or with their partners.

  • Product Dimensions:
    Length: 70 mm or 2.75 inches
    Plug Diameter: 28 mm or 1.10 inches
  • Smoothly massages the anal/vaginal area for effective stimulation and more satisfying orgasms
  • Small size and easy to clean- guaranteed safe and hygienic with proper cleaning and maintenance
  • Great for both men and women- perfect size for beginners
  • High-quality stainless steel used for a safe and more pleasurable use every time

With its beautiful gem embellished handle that's available in 13 different colors, you will be able to pick the plug that matches your favorite hue. Say goodbye to your boring and monotonous sex life and say hello to a better and more exciting one with this perfectly designed anal massage toy. HURRY! STOCKS ARE QUICKLY RUNNING OUT NOW SO GRAB YOURS TODAY AND ENJOY IT AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE!

Additional information

Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 1.10 in


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