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External Prostate Massage Techniques to Recover Prostate Health

External Prostate Massage Techniques to Recover Prostate Health

Prostate massaging may sound a bit strange if you’ve never done it. However, you’d be surprised to know that by massaging your prostate, you will keep it healthy.
There are two types of prostate massages you can perform:

1. Internal prostate massage
2. External prostate massage

Internal prostate massage

Internal prostate massageYou can easily perform an internal prostate massage. First, you will need to insert your index or middle finger into your anus. Next, you need to search for your prostate gland.

Just to get a little technical, the prostate is a small gland that’s a part of the male reproductive system. It’s approximately the shape and size of a walnut, but it grows as you age. It’s located just below your bladder and in front of your rectum. It shouldn’t be difficult to find. Once you find it, you will need to gently massage it.

Even though internal prostate massaging is perfectly normal, most men don’t enjoy inserting anything into that specific area. That’s where external prostate massaging comes in handy!

External prostate massaging

External prostate massagingExternal prostate massages are a great way to keep your prostate healthy. Also, since the massage is external, there is no need to insert anything into your rectum.
Most men prefer this type of massage rather than an internal one for a number of reasons:

1. Generally, straight men are pretty sensitive when it comes to their anus. Obviously, inserting a foreign object or even their own finger is out of the question. Since an external prostate massage doesn’t involve any penetration in that area, they’re more comfortable with this method.
2. Some men have trouble inserting a prostate massager into their anus, so they opt for an external massager.
3. Sometimes getting naked and using a device to treat prostate problems is just too strange. Luckily, you can use an external massager while remaining fully clothed.
4. The fact that you need to apply lubricant to your rectum as well as onto the prostate massager can be quite unappealing.
5. You can use an external prostate massager anywhere. You can take it to work, put it on your chair, and cover it with a towel. No one will know it’s there except you. Obviously, an internal massage can only be performed behind closed doors.

How to perform an external prostate massage

How to perform an external prostate massage

If you’ve decided to perform an external prostate massage, you can do that without the help of a massaging device. Even though you can perform this massage anywhere, it’s best to find a private area if it’s your first time. Once you get the hang of things, feel free to take your massager wherever you like.

Step #1: Find a soothing space

If it’s your first time performing an external prostate massage, you need to find a room in which you won’t be disturbed. You need to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

If you’re nervous, your muscles will tense up, and the massage won’t be as effective.

Step #2: Apply Vaseline or a body cream

This step is optional, but if it’s your first massage, then it’s good to apply some vaseline or body cream onto your rectum, just to avoid any rubbing.

Step #3: Assume a comfortable position

It’s best to lay back and spread your legs so you can reach your perineum easily. However, you can assume a different position if you’re more comfortable.

Step #4: Grip your testicles

Since your testicles will only get in the way during the massage, you should grip them, and keep them in one place.

Step #5: Apply gentle pressure

Now, it’s time to apply gentle pressure to your perineum. Use circular movements.
Repeat the process for 2-3 sessions.

The benefits of an external prostate massage

The benefits of an external prostate massage

In case you were wondering, here are the benefits of external prostate massages:

1. They help cure prostate conditions like Prostatitis, an enlarged prostate, etc.
2. These massages are known to improve urine flow and reduce frequent urination
3. They reduce the pain brought on by an inflamed prostate
4. Prostate massages increase male potency
5. External prostate massages can help prevent pro-static fluids from building up in your prostate
6. They also improve your health in general

All in all, there are plenty of health benefits linked to external prostate massages, so it’s a good idea to learn how to perform them on your own.

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