Extra Small Stainless Steel Anal Massage Plug


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An extra small stainless steel anal/vaginal massage plug that's perfect for virgins and beginners. Yes! That's what this toy is made for. And it's not just perfect for those who want to rehearse the act, it's also for couples who'd love to try double penetration for the first time! Enjoy sex like never before and make it something that's worth looking forward to both for you and your partner with this Extra Small Stainless Steel Anal Massage Plug.

  • Small size anal/vaginal plug that's made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Effectively stimulates and massages the sensitive spots for more pleasurable orgasms
  • Designed to be perfect for all genders (men, women, gays, etc.)

With the beautiful small stainless design, you'll be able to bring it everywhere without revealing what it really is. Get it for your self or make your partner feel loved by using it on every intimate moment that you share with each other. HURRY UP! GET IT TODAY WHILE SALE IS STILL ON AND ENJOY UP TO 45% DISCOUNT FOR THIS AND ALL THE OTHER ITEMS YOU'LL FIND IN OUR SHOP.

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