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Homemade Butt Plug – How to Make Your Own Butt Plug

Homemade Butt Plug – How to Make Your Own Butt Plug

You’ve been exploring about anal play, and now you can’t wait to try some new things out. You’ve ordered a butt plug online, but you are too excited to wait for it to arrive. Is there something in your home that could get you off?

Making Your Own Butt Plug - Is It PossibleMaking Your Own Butt Plug – Is It Possible?

In short – yes. However, there are certain risks that come with homemade butt plugs. It’s always better and safer to order one from a prominent vendor. But, if you NEED to have something inside you right this moment, there are a couple of options you could explore.
Beware that using any of the following things as a butt plug is doable, but you will be doing it at your own risk. Also, if you are having any doubts, always rely on your common sense.

Healthy Snacks a.k.a Butt PlugsHealthy Snacks a.k.a Butt Plugs?

If you haven’t noticed, there are numerous vegetables and fruits that are penis-shaped. When you are horny, it feels like nature itself is telling you to use these. Courgettes, cucumbers, and bananas can all be used as butt plugs. But, are they safe?

The main issue with using vegetables and fruits in your sensitive areas is how squishy or ripe they are. When you are inserting them into your anus, you are putting a lot of pressure on them. In fact, the sphincter is one of the strongest muscles in our bodies. And we are sure that you want to avoid having your fruit/veg break and turn into a gooey mess inside you.

However, a nicely-shaped and firm cucumber might do the trick. If you are ready to take the plunge, always use a condom. It’s hard to know how clean your vegetables are, especially since all sorts of insecticides and chemicals have been used on them.

As your anal lining absorbs things much quicker and easier than other body parts, it’s vital to use a condom. You definitely don’t want bug spray getting into your bloodstream.

What About ToothbrushesWhat About Toothbrushes?

To be more specific – electric toothbrushes. Many people claim that they have been using electric toothbrushes as butt plugs. Vibrations can’t be bad, right? Also, when it comes to the shape, these toothbrushes can work as plugs.

However, the base of a toothbrush is flat in most cases, rather than tapered. So, when you are inserting that end of your toothbrush, it will be a bit tricky to get it inside. Also, there’s a risk you’ll tear the lining of your anus with the pointy edges.

If that happens, you will get blood and nasty germs on your toothbrush. For that reason, once again, it’s best to use a condom. Also, before you start using your brush to clean your teeth again, make sure that it is completely clean.

All in all, with all the risks and germs that could harm your anus (and your mouth), we don’t recommend using a toothbrush as a butt plug.

Crafty, DIY Butt PlugsCrafty, DIY Butt Plugs

If you are crafty, and you have a pottery wheel or glass blowing facilities at your disposal, you could make your own butt plug. In fact, if you are skillful, and you know exactly what you are doing, you could create a butt plug that will hit all the right places.

When it comes to the material, clay is one option. However, bear in mind that it is a porous material, and as such, it can absorb bacteria from your anus and retain them even after being cleaned. Plus, clay can be rough, so it’s best to use a condom with a butt plug made of this material.

On the other hand, glassblowing is one of the safest ways to make a custom toy for your anus. If you are most certain that your glass won’t shatter or crack, you can make a perfect butt plug for yourself.

Plus, you will have all the freedom to shape it the way you want. And, you can boil glass plugs to get rid of the germs. One more thing – they are smooth and easy to put in.

So, we consider this type of homemade butt plugs the only one that could be safe to use without a condom.


The list of things that people put in their butts is endless, literally. However, not all of them are safe.

Some people use tampons as butt plugs, but we urge you not to insert them in your anus, as they are made of cotton. As such, they can gather so many bacteria inside the fibers, and you can then absorb them into your bloodstream. Plus, there’s the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

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