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How to Properly Clean Your Butt Plugs

How to Properly Clean Your Butt Plugs

All sex toys require proper cleaning and care. Especially those toys that you insert into your body. No matter how clean you are, it’s extremely important to wash your toys every single time you use them.

Butt plugs are a fun and exciting way to bring some adventure into your sex life. You can use them in all sorts of different ways. But no matter how you use them, cleaning a butt plug immediately after you’ve removed it from your anus is mandatory.

Since there are so many types of plugs available, there are obviously different ways to clean them. For this reason, I’ve decided to provide you with a guide on how to clean a butt plug.

But before that, here are some tips on how to clean yourself before using a butt plug.

How to properly clean yourself

How to properly clean yourself

Before anything, you need to use the restroom. Emptying your bowels several hours before using a butt plug is extremely important. After that, you should take a shower to clean your anal area. It’s best to insert your finger inside your anus, and wiggle it around a bit. If you don’t want to use your finger, a small toy will also do the trick.

If you really want to get extra clean, you can use a douche a few hours before using your butt plug. You can use a shower douche, water bag douche, or a bulb douche.

Since douching flushes away the protective lining in your anus, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to use your butt plug!

How to properly clean porous butt plugs

How to properly clean porous butt plugs

The first thing you should do before attempting to clean your butt plug is to check the box to see what material the toy is made out of. If your butt plug is made out of the following material, then it is a porous butt plug:

  • plastic, Elastoplast, rubber, jelly, neoprene, Cyber skin

You will need to clean the plug immediately after you’ve removed it. If you don’t, residential bacteria will get into the material, and it won’t be safe to use any more. In order to properly disinfect it, you should use some soap and warm water.

Also, don’t use any abrasive cleaning materials when cleaning your butt plug. You will damage it, and bacteria will come inside the toy easily.

How to properly clean non-porous butt plugs

How to properly clean non-porous butt plugs

Cleaning non-porous butt plugs requires a different cleaning process. If your butt plug is made out of the following material, then it’s a non-porous butt plug:

  • silicone, glass, steel

Again, don’t use any abrasive materials to clean non-porous butt plugs. You should submerge glass and steel butt plugs into boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then, take out your plug and leave it to completely dry before packing it up.

If the silicone plug is made of a strong silicone material, you can also use boiling water to clean it. However, it’s better if you use the same cleaning process as you would with a porous plug. So, soap and warm water will do just fine.

How to clean butt plugs with tails

Butt plugs with tails require different treatment than porous and non-porous plugs. If it’s faux fur, you can submerge the tail in soapy water.

How to clean butt plugs with tails

However, if the fur is real, then you can’t wash it like faux fur. You should use a damp cloth with a little soap and gently dab the tail. To dry it, you can leave it to air dry, or you can use the lowest setting on your hairdryer.

Additionally, you should brush your furry butt plugs once they’re dry, regardless of whether the fur is real or not.

Additional tips

Cleaning your butt plug will make it last longer. Also, you should remember that these toys should not be shared with other people, even when they are clean.

A good tip is to place a condom on your plug when using it. That way, any bacteria will remain on the condom. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the plug thoroughly after use.

A good idea is to keep your plug in a plastic ziplock bag, so dust and other bacteria don’t latch onto it while you aren’t using it.

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