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Rectal Rinsing: How to Properly Clean Your Anus

Rectal Rinsing: How to Properly Clean Your Anus

When it comes to rectal rinsing, there are two main methods: internal and exterior. If you wish to employ the former method, you should eat a lot of fibers on a daily basis, which will naturally help you clean your bowels. The latter includes washing your anus externally, which you can do while you shower, using just soap and water.

However, as some people enjoy knowing that they are squeaky clean both inside and out, these two methods might not be enough for them. A freshly rinsed anus is what provides the feeling of total cleanliness.

If you, too, insist on being 100% clean, you should consider rinsing out your anus. Rectal rinsing, or douching, is a hygienic practice that allows you to prepare your anus for anal play or to hydrate it and get rid of hardened stool.

Anal Rinsing, Cleansing, and Enema

Anal Rinsing, Cleansing, and EnemaRectal rinsing is typically done with an anal douche. Most anal douches come in the form of a pre-filled enema, bulb douches, shower douches, or water bag douches. In order to find the best one for yourself, you should understand how each of these douches works.

Note the difference between rectal rinsing, rectal cleansing, and enema. Cleansing is something you would do after defecation, while enema includes rinsing the part of your large intestine.

It’s best to keep rinsing as simple as possible. There’s no need to go over the line and clean your whole gut – a few inches is more than enough. There’s a widespread belief that cleaning your rectum is a complicated task. In reality, the anal canal is around 4-6 inches deep, so you will only need minimal preparation.

Also, even though it will be tempting, you should avoid squeezing in a whole bucket full of water while you rinse your rectum. The less you stretch your anus, the better. Your douche should work more like an irrigant, and less like an enema.

Your bowel system works by pushing out everything that has previously gone in. So, all you need is a gentle rinse cycle.

Risks of Rectal Rinsing

Risks of Rectal RinsingEverything should be done in moderation – and that goes for rectal rinsing, too. If you rinse too deep, use too much water, or excessive force, that can cause problems such as prolonged anal irritation, douche dependency, elevated mucus production, incomplete rectum/colon contraction, chronic constipation, etc.

You have muscles located around your anus called sphincters – they help keep everything inside. However, as douching requires constant pushing and stretching, these muscles can get injured in the process. In fact, even the simple insertion of the device can result in a localized injury. So, it’s vital that you use your douche properly and add some lube before you start.

What’s more, there are some good bacteria in your gut, which help with food digestion and nutrients absorption. Habitual and aggressive rectal rinsing can, in fact, flush away all the good bacteria, leaving your area susceptible to numerous intestinal and stomach issues.

Plus, if you rinse too much, you can loosen the stool that’s higher up in your rectum, which could make anal play messier than if you hadn’t rinsed at all. You have to be aware of the fact that rinsing creates mucus and dries out the area, which can lead to cracking, cell damage, and bleeding. That could make contracting and passing on STDs and HIV much easier.

How to Rinse Properly and Safely

How to Rinse Properly and Safely

In order to be safe, you have to listen to your body. Also, before you start rectal rinsing, you can check if you really need it. Use an anal toy, such as a butt plug, in a light color to see if there is any residual stool in your rectum. If not, you needn’t rinse at all.

If you do decide to rinse, here’s how you should do it. With a device that works best for you, you need to insert water into your rectum. After a while, you will push the water out with the help of your regular bowel movement. In the process, your rectum will clean itself.

It’s best to use plain water for rectal rinsing. There are douching products on the market, such as saline, but there’s no actual reason why you should use them instead of plain water.

Also, don’t forget that over-rinsing may bring more harm than good. So, you should do it moderately, and be careful and gentle throughout the process. The key is to rinse your rectum without irritating the area.

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