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Silicone-Based vs Water-Based Lubricant: Which One Is Better?

Silicone-Based vs Water-Based Lubricant: Which One Is Better

When we watch sex scenes on TV as teenagers, we imagine it to be a smooth and enjoyable ride. However, once we start having sex ourselves, we realize that the experience isn’t always as bump-free as we have initially thought.

In reality, sex can sometimes be uncomfortable, and even painful. Most bedroom-related problems that we encounter occur due to our (or our partner’s) inability to get wet or to stay wet for long enough.

In fact, dryness isn’t only uncomfortable, it can also lead to painful irritation. So, to prevent that, and to make lovemaking more enjoyable and long-lasting, we seek effective solutions. Not surprisingly, our first thought is to buy some lube.

Lube can be extremely helpful, as it plays an integral part in every sexual intercourse. When we can’t get and stay naturally wet for a long time, we can use lube to help us enjoy sex to the fullest.

But, do you know which type of lube you should pick? Do you know your options?

The two most popular and most often bought types of lubricants are silicone-based ones and water-based ones.

If you want to learn which one wins in the case of water based lubricant vs silicone based lubricant, keep reading.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-Based Lubricants

The main advantage of silicone-based lubricants is that they are very long-lasting, and they can be used in the water. You can use this type of lube for almost anything that comes to mind in the bedroom. In addition, you can expect a never-ending sexual adventure, as silicone-based lube will ensure your comfort from the beginning to the end.

With just a few drops, you can start having fun under the sheets. Also, you can safely use silicone-based lubricants with latex condoms, which is a plus. Another advantage of these lubricants is that they are suitable for anal play; their consistency is thick, and thus long-lasting.

However, you have to be careful with silicone toys – you shouldn’t use them with silicone-based lube, as it may damage the surface of your toys.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this type of lube is many people’s favorite.

Silicone-based lubricants are:

● long-lasting
● safe to use with latex condoms
● suitable for anal sex
● breathable
● non-greasy

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-Based Lubricants

If you are looking for versatility, water-based lubricants are the way to go. They can be used with latex condoms and diaphragms, they are safe for all sexual activities, and you can even use them with silicone toys. Plus, they rarely cause irritation.

What’s more, water-based lubricants are very practical – using them is easy, and cleaning yourself after use is even easier. Since this type of lubricant contains water as its main ingredient, it is taste-free, smell-free, color-free, and it doesn’t leave stains.

All you have to do is wash it off. After that, your skin will be clean, free of any residue, and silky smooth. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! One more thing – if you get some water-based lube on your clothes or sheets, that will also be very easy to clean.

Nevertheless, there’s one downside to this type of lube – sometimes it can be a bit drying. So, if you do find that a water-based lubricant dries you out, try adding some more lube or a sprinkle of water – that will help bring back the silky and smooth feeling.
All things considered, these lubricants are very popular – and for a good reason.

Water-based lubricants are:

● versatile
● safe to use with latex condoms
● safe for all sexual activities
● easy to clean

So, Which Is Better?

So, Which Is Better?

In the end, even with all the advantages and disadvantages discussed, it’s hard to bring a verdict in the case of water based lubricant vs silicone based lubricant and say which type is better.

That is mostly because people have different needs and different expectations. While you might be looking for a lubricant that will allow you to have sex for hours without feeling uncomfortable, someone else might be looking for something that is safe to use with silicone toys.

So, you get the idea. One isn’t necessarily better than the other – it all depends on what you are looking for.

If you need an all-in-one lube that will be gentle to your skin, safe for your silicone toys, and easy to clean, then the water-based kind is the right one for you.

However, if you don’t use any toys, but you love never-ending sexual adventures, opt for a silicone-based lube that will help you stay comfortable for hours.

We now consider the case of water based lubricant vs silicone based lubricant closed. Have you picked the right one for yourself?

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