Small Size 10-Bead Soft Silicone Anal Plug


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Looking for a small size toy that's perfect for your partner who's going to try using one for the first time? This Small Size 10-Bead Soft Silicone Anal Plug is the perfect one that you can try. It is shaped anatomically with evenly spaced beads that increases size towards the handle portion. Bring intimacy and sex back to life when you have this awesome toy every time you get sweet and intimate with your partner.

  • Product Length: 31 cm
  • Made of smooth, soft and flexible medical grade silicone to ensure hygienic and safe use
  • Penetrates easily even with just natural lubrication alone
  • Effectively stimulates the most sensitive parts within the anal/vaginal area for more pleasurable orgasms
  • Available in 3 different color variants

With its beautifully shaped beads and variety of colors that's available for you to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect small size toy which your partner will definitely love. ENJOY 45% OFF FROM ITS ORIGINAL PRICE ON OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE SO GET IT NOW BEFORE OUR OFFER EXPIRES!

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