Soft Silicone Hollow Anal Plug


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This hollow anal plug is designed to imitate the texture inside the vaginal cavity to ensure high-level piquant sensation every time. It's designed for use in the anal area and is a popular toy for gays who want to give their partners a soothing massage while enjoying unforgettable intimate moments together. So if you are a man with a woman's heart who's looking for a toy that you and your partner can enjoy then this one is going to be a perfect choice!

  • Length: 140 mm or 5.51 inches
    Base: 120 mm or 4.72 inches
    Diameter: 50 mm or 1.96 inches
  • Designed for men with a woman's heart who are looking for a toy that their partners can enjoy
  • Effectively massages the anal area to promote rich blood flow, stimulate and deliver better orgasms for you and your partner
  • Easy-to-clean and safe to use- made of high-quality food grade silicone

Its large size, perfectly laid out internal dots, and anatomically shaped body, you'll surely get the best results in every intimate moment that you spend with your partner. HURRY AND GET ONE OF THIS NOW BEFORE STOCKS RUN OUT AND OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT OFFER EXPIRES!

Additional information

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 1.96 in


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