Stripe Cat Fur Pyrex Glass Anal Massage Plug [4 Colors]


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Tired of having the usual monotonous sex? Why don't you make it more fun and exciting by using one of this Stripe Cat Fur Pyrex Glass Anal Massage Plug? With it, you'll be able to bring boring intimate moments back to life! Fulfill every one of your fantasies with its soft cat tail embellishment that features black stripes around some brown fur together with an elongated shape Pyrex glass plug that's available in four different colors.

  • Product Dimensions:
    Plug Length: 10 cm (3.93 inches)
    Diameter: 2.5 cm (0.98 inches)
    Tail Length: 25 cm (Approx.) (9.84 inches)
  • Made of high-quality durable Pyrex glass and soft animal fur that's ready to make you feel good every time
  • Smooth sliding elongated Pyrex glass plug even with natural lubrication alone- be aroused and feel satisfaction no matter the kind of sexual routine you do with your partner
  • Easy-to-clean and perfectly shaped for optimum safety, fun, and pleasure
  • Elongated plug shape that's perfect for all genders

With its longer plug design that's made of durable Pyrex glass, you're sure to have safe anal or double penetration sex every time! And its cute stripe cat tail embellishment adds more excitement and piquant sensations making every moment more memorable. GET THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ANAL MASSAGE TOY TODAY AND ENJOY BIG SAVINGS ON OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE!

Additional information

Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 3.93 × 0.98 in


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