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Showing 1–40 of 50 results

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Animal tail butt plugs offer a unique take on a classic toy. Not only do they come with all the benefits of using a butt plug, but they also have another trait that really stands out! As the name suggests, it’s like a normal buttplug, usually smaller in width as well, and it has a tail attached. The tails can come in all different colors and shapes, from natural looking animal tails to pink or neon ones.

These are popular for role-playing but not only for that. You don’t have to pretend you’re an animal to enjoy the feelings you get from the plug, mixed with the soft sensations offered by the fur.

The tail lengths can vary quite a bit, on the shorter side they may only be a few inches, and longer ones can get closer to two feet. About one foot and a bit, give or take, is pretty average.

Choosing the Best Animal Tail Butt Plug

When it’s time to choose which tail to buy, there isn’t really a ton of things you need to take into considerations beyond all the basics of buying toys, for example checking how large the insertable part is and choosing something appropriate to your experience and comfort levels, seeing what material it’s made out of, how easy it is to clean, and so on.

Many of the plugs that come with tails attached will be made from steel or glass, both of which are good in terms of being easy to clean and long-lasting.

Next, you’ll want to think about what type of tail you want. You can find fox tails, cat tails, wolf tails, and more.

Why Use Butt Plugs?

The reasons that people will use a butt plug can vary. Usually it’s either in order to train and prepare for anal sex, or simply because it feels good on its own and can enhance orgasms either during intercourse or masturbation.

In this case, it can be either of those, a bit of both, and additionally as a means of holding the tail in place and neither of the other reasons.

Whatever your reason is for seeking out a tail, we hope you’ll find one that fits you perfectly in every possible way! Take some time to browse our selection, it’s always our goal for every customer to be completely satisfied with and by their purchases.

Make sure you’ve got some lubricant on hand because you never want to go in dry, it can lead to tearing and other issues, not to mention pain.

This can be a fun, exciting, and sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom if you’re looking to try something new. You may have seen some cam models wearing them and that’s how they got onto your radar, or seen them elsewhere. Regardless of how you discovered tail butt plugs, try one out as soon as possible and see how you like it, it’s a very unique experience to enjoy!