Cat Tails Butt Plugs

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Showing all 3 results

Are you ready for anal play with a butt plug? If yes, then what are you still waiting? Get cat tail butt plugs from PlugJoy and enjoy satisfaction from your product. Some of our butt plugs are made up of silicone, while the others are made up of quality stainless steel. The silicone material used in making our products is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and non-porous for comfortable and safe play.

A classic spade shape helps it slip in easily and stay in place for extended wear. Two handy loops at the base let you turn up the passion by adding your bullet vibrators. We have cat tails that are bendable with ease, and these tails are covered entirely in super soft synthetic fur. Be a naughty kitty cat with this fun and flirty beautiful anal toys.

They are perfect anal toys for gay who are interesting in satisfying their partner with complete intimacy. Our butt toys can also help to boost the sex lives of couples. They do not pose any danger to human health; hence, they are very safe to use.

Our customers love cat tail butt plugs because they can comfortably wear them for a very long time, and the tails can be separated from the caps in case you want to use butt plug without the rear.

Features of buying Cat butt plugs through PlugJoy

We offer best butt plugs with great features and benefits. Our perfect cat tail butt plugs are available in different sizes, designs, and colors. Therefore, we give our customers a wide range of products, to choose the ones that are perfect for their butt. These are perfect toys for women who are very much interesting in having urgent sexual arousal. Small sizes of our products are perfect for beginners, the medium size, and the large. Our product’s head has an approximate dimension of (28 x 1.4 x 1.4) inches with a weight of 7.4 ounces. However, the available products in PlugJoy based on tail’s material and colors are soft purple silicone natural cat fur anal plug, cat fur Pyrex glass anal massage plugs with four color combinations, gray cat’s tail black silicone massage plug, purple and pink cat tail stainless steel massage plug, and so many other quality products.

Our customers enjoy using cat tail butt plugs because of their quick stimulation and arousal. You can wear comfortably wear this product all night while you have a nice anal play with your partner.

Benefits of Cat tail plugs

┬áIt’s perfect for foreplay: All our customers have attested to the fact that brings fun into sexual life and it’s an ideal butt plug to use before having sex.

It’s suitable for anal play: If you’re the type that enjoys anal play, then this is the right product for you.

Safety: It does not pose any danger to the user; therefore, it’s very safe to use.

How to take care of your cat tail butt plugs

Some people always make for granted the need to maintain their butt plugs, and this shouldn’t be so. It is possible to contact Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) if you fail to clean your plugs properly before and after use.

To make sure your cat tail plugs aren’t carrying any bacteria, be sure to wash them with soap under hot water after use and fun. Do not allow too much water to touch the tail, for the cat fur not to pull off.