Fox Tails Butt Plugs

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Showing all 32 results

PlugJoy likes dealing in various types of butt plugs especially when it comes to Fox tail butt plugs. If you look anal plays so much and you want to try out wild sex toys, then these products are perfect for you. The uniqueness of our products is the quality animal tail present. The Fox tails attached to the end of the plugs are flurry and soft to touch. However, you have the opportunity to choose any of our products based on the degree of fluffiness.

We have products with different tail lengths and colors, thereby giving our customers select ranges of products that provide them adequate fantasy and satisfaction.

Customers have reported that the plugs do not fall out and the tail can swish side to side while staying securely and safely in place. Although these products come in various sizes, some may be hard to insert than others. Because of that, we recommend using silicone friendly lubricants or water-based lubricants for safety reasons.

Our Faux Fox tail butt plug can best be used during cosplay adult sex and in role-play scenario in which an actor pretends to be the Fox while the other is the caretaker or owner of the Fox. Couples have attested to the fact that it adds fun to their foreplay before sex.

What kinds of new top Fox tail butt plugs are available in our marketplace?

Our product types depend on the particular size and design you want. We have fox tail butt plugs of small, medium and large sizes depending on which one you want. Our customers like to purchase an entry level butt plugs and making sure it’s intact, while fun with their partners. It is said to bring extra pleasure during intercourse, but the only way to know is to order during our sales and find out for yourself!

Features of buying Fox tail butt plugs through PlugJoy

Our products have a semi-flexible plug which is slender enough but ample to satisfy both beginner and experienced users. These products have tapered head design with a narrow neck which will enable them to stay in place after insertion. The length of the beautifully made bushy Fox tail attached to the plug is approximately 14 inches. These sets of our butt plugs promise to bring you a sense of animalistic fun and play to your sex life. TPR is that material used in making the plugs while faux fur is the material employed in forming the tail.

All our products are well certified and are safe for use. Our silicone based plug are free from Bisphenol A (BPA). If you are a new user of Jewel butt plugs, always endeavor to apply premium lubricants or water based lubes for easy and quick movement through your butt. You must take note that whenever you intend to wear this product out or probably take a walk around, do not use lubricant. I.e., use oils only when you’re at home, and you’ll rest assured of complete satisfaction.

Maintenance of Faux Fox tail butt plugs

Make sure you wash your plugs thoroughly with soap and water before and after use. An unclean butt plug can pose a lot of dangers to your health. Ensure these products are kept in a cool and dry place after usage.