Pony Tails Butt Plugs

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Showing all 5 results

PlugJoy loves diving into new types of tail plugs especially when it comes to pony tail butt plugs. We cater and service any individuals that want to take the adventurous side of themselves to new products and new fetishes. We only offer and display pony plug products made from genuine blonde synthetic horse hair.

Customer have reported that the plugs do not fall out and the tail can swish side to side while staying securely and safely in place. Although they come in various sizes, some may be hard to insert than others. Because of that, we recommend used a silicone friendly lubricant so no one gets hurt!
The best way to use these pony tail toys are often in a role-play scenario. You can get some outfits find in our other collection (offered exclusively at plugjoy only) and pretend someone is the pony and the other is the owner or caretaker of the farm animal.

What kinds of Faux Pony tail butt plugs are available?

Most of our customer really purchase an entry level one and keep it in while they have fun with their partner. Its said to bring extra pleasure during intercourse but the only way to know is to order during our sales and find out for yourself!

Features of buying pony butt plugs through plugjoy!

The Pony tails we offer are offered in different sizes and colors which makes an array of choices convenient for anyone looking for their flavor. The follow colors (from various listings) are available: baby blue, yellow, pink, baby pink, brown, violet purple, black, beige, tan and brown. Most of the Pony plugs are going to be about 50 cm in length.

All of our Pony tails go through a quality assurance process to ensure that they are made with BPA free material (for the silicon-based plugs), as well as random testing off our assembly lines. Other brands will be find here for various faux pony tail butt plugs, but all are made sure they keep to our quality standards as well. A few of the products have a innovative detachable feature as well where you can detach the pony tail itself and properly clean it without tangling the hairs.

How to Take care of your Pony Tail plugs

As more often than you think, people will overlook the care or simple steps after intimacy to clean their anal pony tails. A little care will go a long ways in giving your purchase longevity and most of all cleanliness. After you wash the tip with soap and water (if it’s a silicone or glass type), you want to leave it outside of a bag to air dry to give it proper air circulation. . A quick check to make sure all the hairs are fully attached still (if you tugged it at all) will ensure that you done have any problems on your next use. One last note, is to keep it at room temperature. That means no fridge or freezer.