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What Does a Butt Plug Feel Like for Men and Women

What Does a Butt Plug Feel Like for Men and Women

As we live in an era where sex is no longer a taboo, we are more open to trying and experiencing new sensations. Anal play is not an exception from the list of things we enthusiasts wish to try.

Most people mistakenly think that the penis or an object moving in and out of your anus is what creates pleasure, but it’s actually the sensation of fullness inside your body. When the butt plug hits the erogenous zones, you will feel a sensation that’s just as good as sex.

Remember: It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, or if you like men or women. Anyone can get the enjoyment out of this toy. It is meant for anyone and everyone.

So, let’s start with some of the perks butt plugs offer:

  • Butt plugs leave both parties hands and attention free to roam and focus on other pleasures
  • It’s a fantastic way of enhancing the experience while you enjoy oral sex
  • They can be combined with vaginal intercourse and all kinds of genital play
  • These toys create the feeling of “fullness” while enhancing the “in and out motion”
  • Generally safer than “traditional” anal toys

Now, you might be asking yourself, how do they feel? Well, let me tell you all about it!

The First Step: Insertion

The first step - Insertion

When it comes to any kind of anal play, choosing the right lube is essential, so make sure you consult a medical professional first before buying.

Before inserting it into your rectum, make sure that you apply enough lubricant to ensure easy and pleasurable removal.

During insertion, slowly push the plug inside. The tip of the plug will pass through different regions of your rectum and you will feel a different sensation with each. Note that the outermost layer of the anus is the most sensitive, as it contains a proliferation of nerve cells. It is very important that you relax and get comfortable to do this seamlessly.

As you move in slowly, let the toy do its magic. You will soon encounter the second layer of your rectum, which is surrounded by strong muscles called sphincter.

This area is the one that causes the most discomfort and pain if you’re not careful.

This stage of the insertion takes the most time to adapt, so don’t worry, just take it slow. Once you reach this point, the rectum has accepted the wider part and started stretching already.

And, we have arrived!

And, we have arrived!

Let the magic of this toy take you over.
If you’re a lady, once it’s completely inserted, you will feel a sense of fullness. With a little focus, you will be able to feel the plug touching the entire surface of your rectum.

Men, on the other hand, will feel it pushing the prostate in an exceptionally pleasurable way. Increasing pressure will further boost the sensation.

Removing The Butt plug:

Removing the butt plug

To remain free of injury or discomfort, it is important to take breaks.

Unfortunately, it can get a little uncomfortable, but don’t panic. Just as in the beginning, you have to start slow and be as relaxed as possible.

You will first have to pull out the widest part. This will feel a bit tough, because your sphincter muscle is tightly clenching the narrow part.

Remember not to yank it out or try to force it out. In fact, quite the contrary is necessary. Try and focus on relaxing your rectum muscle and pull.

If you are worried that “other things” might come out as well, you can proceed with the process while standing over a toilet.

And, it’s out. Fantastic! At this point, you should clean and sanitize everything before starting your ride again!


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