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What is a Butt Plug typically used for?

What is a Butt Plug typically used for

Be honest-you’ve probably heard of butt plugs. Whether someone’s mentioned using one or you’ve seen one on tv, you know they actually exist. But, do you know what butt plugs are for?

Well, if you’re curious to know more about these interesting contraptions, I’m here to shed some light on the subject.

Let’s start off by getting to know what a butt plug actually looks like.

The shape and size of a butt plug

The shape and size of a butt plug

While there are various shapes and sizes available, butt plugs generally follow the same shape patterns. They consist of:

  • A bulb shape at the top
  • The neck
  • A flared base

Basically, the top of the plug is narrow and round at the tip of the bulb. Then the shape widens until it reaches the neck, where the plug is narrowest. The base is typically flat.

Like I said, butt plugs come in all sorts of different sizes. You can find tiny ones and humongous ones. Note, it’s important not to use a large one if it’s your first time. Start small, and after a while you can size up.

Also, there are plenty of different materials to choose from. You have plugs made from porous materials like plastic, Cyberskin, elastomer, rubber, jelly, and neoprene.

Non-porous plugs are made from materials such as glass, silicone and stainless steel.

What is a butt plug used for

What is a butt plug used forThe question is; why use a butt plug instead of a dildo or a vibrator? It’s simple. Butt plugs are shaped to stay inside, so you can even wear them while you’re out shopping. Which means you can take it with you whenever and wherever you want.

Dildos and vibrators can only be used in the bedroom. On the other hand, you can use butt plugs in all sorts of different ways. For example, you can use it to help loosen up the muscles in your anus before anal sex. Also, you can use a butt plug to enhance vaginal sex. As I already mentioned, you can also leave it in and wear it around the house and even take it outside. And the best part is only you know it’s there.

Before inserting your butt plug, you should make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned yourself. You need to take a shower and make sure to carefully clean your anus. To ensure that you’re squeaky clean, you should consider anal douching. It’s a great way to get ready for anal play.

Using a butt plug for rimming

You can buy a butt plug that’s specifically designed for rimming. These plugs usually vibrate. The great thing is that you can stimulate your anus both externally and internally with these plugs. Just remember to lube up in both situations. Press the plug against your anus and enjoy!

Using a butt plug for prostate massage

If you would like to massage your prostate, then you need to buy a butt plug that’s long enough to reach that spot. In general, all prostate massage plus are long and have a curve at the tip. If you’ve never tried this massage technique, you’re in for quite a treat!

Using a butt plug for G-spot stimulation

Butt plugs are great for additional stimulation while you’re engaging in vaginal sex. They can easily reach your G-spot since the wall separating your colon from your shaft is thin.

Using a butt plug to prepare for anal sex

There’s no better way to prepare for anal sex than by using a butt plug. It’s best to use a set of different plugs which ascend in size. Start small and then size up. Gently insert the plug into your anus to relax your sphincter.

Using a butt plug during penetration

You can penetrate your partner while wearing a but plug, or you can wear it while your partner is penetrating you. Either way, it will increase your pleasure quite a bit!

Also, a butt plug will leave your hands free to roam around our partner’s body. Or, your partner can give you a massage while you wear the plug. Butt plugs can be used in all kinds of different ways, it all depends on your sexual preferences.